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  • Service Call $15
  • House Lockout starting at $35*
  • Lock Rekey starting at $19*
  • Lock Change starting at $35*
  • Lock Installation starting at $35*
  • Gate Lock Repair starting at $35*


  • Service Call $15
  • Business Lockout starting at $35*
  • Lock Rekey starting at $19*
  • Mailbox Change starting at $35*
  • Lock Installation starting at $35*
  • Safe Lockout starting at $65*


  • Service Call $15
  • Car Lockout starting at $35*
  • Car Key Making starting at $120*
  • Trunk Lockout starting at $35*
  • Car Key Extraction starting at $65*
  • Ignition Repair starting at $95*
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At 24 Hour Houston TX Locksmith, we are a trained and learned mobile locksmith service whose number one mission and goal is to help you with any key or bolt emergencies for your residential, commercial and automobile problems and situations. We can help you rekey any number of locks, duplicate car keys to keyless entries, remove and broken keys, program chip keys, smart keys, or transponder keys to much more. We are an affordable locksmith company who has all the knowledge a dealership would normally have and will save you bunch of time and bucks compared to if you were to choose giving them a visit. We are mobile which means that we will come to your any location from the time you give us a call and will have anything you need worked on even if you are locked out on the road far from home. Give us a call to hear one of our free estimates over anything you need any time you want and we will be glad to guide you through the process of safety and security in the soonest time.

Secure Residential & Commercial Locksmith Service

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Are you locked outside of your house? Have you you’re your keys? Did your home get broken into? Does anyone that you would not want to come inside your home have access to it somehow? At 24 Hour Houston Locksmith, Texas we can have your home rekeyed for your locks or have your key replaced to your home every single day for 24-Hours a day and seven days a week with our emergency locksmith mobile service at an affordable price. You can give us a call at any time or day to hear a free inspection or quote on any of our different offers.

Did you just move inside of a new house? If so, you should consider having a rekey service on all the locksets inside your home so that the owners before you or maybe babysitter, house keeper to their ex no longer can have any sort of access to your home. Our expert locksmiths at [24 Hour Houston Locksmith] will give you a low and affordable estimate for free on the phone anytime or day to rekey your home locksets. If you want the highest form of home security, there is possible by having a locksmith install all the locks in your home into new ones using only special keys that can only be duplicated by a professional when you give out the order or permission then we can install new locksets which are decorative. When you are decorating your home, you can have our experts replace your old and outdated looking locks into new and more decorative bolt sets or have our team just replace the levers and door knobs rather than the entire set of locks if it is possible.

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Locks have many different parts that break and wear over time and when a home lock set stops working then we at 24 Hour Houston TX Locksmiths will surely have it all repaired. If you need a duplicate key, then we will have your keys replaced and provide you with a copy of up to as many number of sets as you need by giving us a call. Make sure to get your home much safer by having our professionals add another more secure option to your doors with the deadbolts, camera locks, and or pad locks depending on your choice and needs. It costs so little to have a residential deadbolt installed on every one of your home doors however, it will make a majorly more higher level of security and protection to your home. {24 Hour Houston Locksmith, will have deadbolts that are locked } away by a key so you may have a vertical deadbolt installed that will automatically lock every time the door closes so that it will never be unprotected. Camera locks provide an extra protection for drawers, cabinets, or any small door bolt. They have a very different and special cylinder made from stainless steel which have the capability to resist anything from hard smashes, pulls, and or even drilling and are almost impossible to pull open.

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A padlock is a protective bolt which is resistant to any bad weather and will be able to protect any of your outside equipment from boats, sheds, gates to much more. Our keyless bolts are perfect if you are a family living with little ones or children, house keepers, or anyone else who need something easy to access to get inside your home. They are great if you do not like to carry around a bunch of different keys all day as well as ever must worry about locking yourself out of your home. Maybe you do not want anyone to have any type of access to your home locks without having to ask them for the pair back? Well in that case we can just reprogram your keyless entries to provide you with a new access code. Our locksmiths can also do this for you for a temporary time in the case where you need to let a home service tech of any sort enter for a while.

Our electronic lock is included with a keypad + fingerprint pad which will read your specific codes and only allow authorized individuals to enter. With the residential keyless entries, we offer, we can have it installed to a remote-controlled system to allow anyone of your choice to enter and exit or even control it by opening and closing the gate. Our experts can come to your location and help you choose out the best fit keyless entry system for you and your needs. What makes an electric or magnetic lock great is that it can be triggered by a touchpad, combination keypad, scanner, magnetic card reader, fingerprint, or any other device best for you. If you have an office and carry around many different keys, we can help you have a master lock installation in which you can access them all using one key. The master key will capably access all the master locks you choose to add to your different doors making your lives more organized and simple. 24 Hour Houston Locksmith will be glad to assist you in picking out the best choice of lock security best for you and your individual situations before having them installed.

Car Key Locksmith Service

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When you need an ((emergency roadside locksmith)) for your automobile then you can call our service at 24 Hour Houston Locksmith to help you out anytime for 24 hours a day all 7 days of the week. We are extremely fast and will be with you in only minutes to unlock your car door. If you lost your car keys, or have somehow broken your keys remote just give our team a call right away to provide you with a duplicate key of up to as many as you want to a new remote programming right where you are. Did you break the key off inside of your vehicle locks? Are your car locks not moving right every time you try to turn the key? Well in that case you give us a call and we will be right there to repair your locks.

A while back many of us could sometimes have our cars unlocked on our own without needing to call a professional, however, now a day, our cars have a much higher level of security which can make that almost impossible to do. Police themselves may not even be able to unlock any car locks for you during these times as they are very complicated. Our locksmiths have the right training and skills to properly unlock any car door lock of your need, using only the best-chosen technology. With the different kinds of car keys a professional should be informed of from non-security car keys which are the basic ones and can be copied at most key and hardware stores to electronic ones which can only be duplicated by a car dealership, or a locksmith who is provided with the right equipment and training to do so and program them like our experts at 24 Hour Houston Locksmith Texas. Most transponder keys are inside of the newer automobiles and they have an electric chip programmed carefully with a hard to guess security code and what happens with these is that the key will send a signal to your car and let it know that it is fine to start.

Some of the high-end transponder keys will even open your vehicle door without you having to even take out the transmitter from your pocket or bag which then you can start the car by pressing a push button only without the key. If you have a transponder key for your automobile, you should know that they are only made by your car dealership and or a less expensive professional locksmith like our company who can make almost all of them. Does someone have your car key and you are worried about them getting inside of your car and driving it? You can call our mobile locksmith to have a professional out with you and rekey the door locks and ignition lock so that it will work fine with a new key that only you will have access to. When you need an ignition repair or replacement we can take care of it for you on the road before any serious issues occur so don’t wait to contact us when your vehicle is throwing any warnings at you.